Atom Isys engages in the design, building, and deployment of IT applications that address the unique business and customer challenges of our clients. We seek 
to combine standard processes, robust delivery models and reputable expertise to help organizations leverage technology, and drive business transformation. 
Atom Isys’s integrated services span consulting, application development and management infrastructure and BPO. We offer a wide range of Application Development
and Management services across  retail, manufacturing, health care and life sciences, and telecom:
This service entail:
⦁	Application development
⦁	Portal development
⦁	eCommerce application development
⦁	Product development and release management
⦁	Mobile computing product development

We build softwares for: 
	⦁	Desktop Applications 
	⦁	Online Applications 
	⦁	Office Management Applications 
	⦁	Multi Level Marketing Applications 
	⦁	Enterprice Resource Planning 
	⦁	Billing  
	⦁	Inventory and Stock  
	⦁	Pathology  
	⦁	Complaint Booking  
	⦁	College Management  
	⦁	Hotel Management 
	⦁	Hospital Management
	⦁	Real Estate Management 
	⦁	Gym management
among others.

Atom Isys helps clients consolidate and optimize their application portfolios to achieve higher levels of business performance. Our Application Rationalization 
service helps build leaner and more agile systems that improve organizational efficiency and reduce operational costs. We analyzes your portfolio and recommend 
one of the following actions for each of your applications: Retire, Repair, Reuse, or Rebuild.
Our wide range of rationalization services help businesses derive greater value from existing applications, limit disruption, and decrease risk.
This service entails:
⦁	Application Portfolio Analysis
⦁	Application Optimization
⦁	Application Modernization
⦁	Application Re-engineering
⦁	Data Migration

Atom Isys’s Application Maintenance and Support services are designed to help organizations increase application efficiency, reduce system downtime, drive 
high-performance, and extend application life. Atom Isys services  range from ‘keep-the-lights-on’ maintenance to proactive and continuous improvement to help you 
get the most out of your existing IT applications.
This service entails:
⦁	Help Desk Level 1 Support
1.	    End-user support, including response to calls and answering “how-to” questions
2.	    Resolution of basic IT/computer problems, such as username and password issues
3.	    Verification of physical layer issues
4.	    Installation/re-installation of basic applications
5.	    Verification of appropriate hardware and software installation
6.	    Assistance with navigating around application menus
7.	    Help with using knowledge management tools

⦁	Help Desk Level 2 Support
1.	    Providing Break-Fix/Corrective and Emergency support
2.	    Providing consultation and technical support to end-users
3.	    Resolving ad-hoc issues
4.	    Testing and releasing patches to production within a specified TAT

⦁	Help Desk Level 3 Support
1.	    Defect detection and root cause analysis
2.	    Minor enhancements and customization
3.	    Preventive, adaptive, and perfective maintenance
4.	    Routine maintenance activities
5.	    Need-based interaction and follow-up with 3rd-party vendors, suppliers, etc.

As part of Preventive Maintenance, we:
⦁	    Document frequently occurring issues
⦁	    Test applications in idle time and look for bugs
⦁	    Look for possible solutions that can help enhance application functionality/performance
⦁	    Recommend and execute changes to applications

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